I have been hand pouring fully sustainable, natural soy, vegan candles with high quality fragrance premium oils since 2017.
I carefully handcraft my candles in small batches in my home to product a high quality, luxurious candle. I use a high fragrance load to ensure a fabulous scent spreads through your home. I have spent a long time ensuring the blend has been well tested to produce a fabulous scent and excellent burn.

The candles are marked with the correct CLP labelling for each product blend so you can be sure that the ingredients in each product are safe and compliant.

I use natural soy wax instead of traditional paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is petroleum based; not sustainable, as long lasting and may stain clothes or surfaces. Soy wax however will wash out of most surfaces with fairy liquid.

By Jane Studio candles are contemporary in design to suit any decor or tastes and elegantly packaged to be given as a gift. They are inspired by my love of flowers and memories from my travels.
I enjoy taking small momentary retreats out of my day with a lit candle beside me helping me to relax and recharge, which I hope to encourage others to enjoy too.