How did this all begin?

I started By Jane Studio December ’17 when I was disappointed by candles in the market. They were expensive and didn’t burn well or produce much scent there I decided to make my own. I enjoy the process so much I love to make them for others to enjoy too.

They’re inspired by happy moments and my favourite things (these often pop up in my posts).

My candles are made with 100% vegetable soy wax ( for a sustainable, cleaner and longer-lasting burn). I use high quality fragrance oils which are vegan-friendly and paraben-free. By Jane Studio candles are crafted with great care by hand in small batches in my little studio with a contemporary and minimalist design to suit all homes and tastes.

Living kindly includes being kind to yourself. After a long day it feels good to sit near a lit candle in my own space. It’s very relaxing and mindful.

I hope that my candles provide a momentary retreat in your day.