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Candles that travel…

After one of ‘those’ commutes by Tube to work I arrived smiling having seen a lovely Instagram post from @exploringlondon.
One of my Laundry candles had travelled with them to the Oatlands Park Hotel where they were staying for the weekend and I received a photograph in situ of their happy retreat.

It’s nearly the weekend and we’ve escaped to the beautiful Oatlands Park Hotel in the South West of London, just inside the M25. And one thing we love to bring with us to our hotel rooms is a gorgeous candle to set the relaxing atmosphere and this one is a beauty.

Candle “By Jane Studio” (@byjanestudio). An incredible, strong scent that actually fills the room, hand-poured in London. Soy and vegan. What more could you ask for?! Love supporting London businesses and women who are absolute bosses at life!

Thank you x


I decided to make a candle specifically for fitting into your hand luggage to travel lightly with you so that you can make anywhere you are feel like home, relaxing and spa-like. ‘Come away with me’ travel candle in either a gold or silver slip lid tin will spread the throw of amber, patchouli and lily around your room. 

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Wedding favours are here…

On a not so sunny day as today one of my best friends who I was to be bridesmaid for asked me to make her wedding favours. I was smiling from ear to ear whilst I read the text message and also very nervous because i wanted them to be perfect for such an important day.

In loving the process I decided to add this to my collection of candles that I make. The set of 92 that I made for her were in a silver slip lid tin with a label I designed to match her wedding invitations. The bride chose two scents, one for the ladies in vanilla lavender and one for the men in mandarin and sandalwood.

I’ve lost count the number of times I read and re-read the copy to ensure it was correct, felt the tins and smoothed the labelling. Delivery day felt amazing and I hope the guests enjoy their keepsake to take home and enjoy.

Emma Jane x